He who would do great things should
not attempt them all alone.

Who We Are:

Native Strategies LLC was founded by Mr. Mike Keeley to assist sovereign nations, local government, and corporate clients to identify and achieve their goals. We provide a number of flexible tools and approaches to assist in strategic planning, security needs, training, policy development, and to enhance organizational effectiveness. We help our clients:

  • Define a clear vision
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan
  • Collaborate with community or organizational stakeholders
  • Assess and improve organizational effectiveness
  • Overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable
  • Identify and leverage federal and state grant funding opportunities
  • Assess vulnerabilities related to terrorism, technological hazards, and natural disasters
  • Develop emergency response capabilities
  • Develop effective workplace violence strategies

Change Leadership and Culture

Mr. Keeley has successfully facilitated groups within private industry, all levels of government, and within sovereign Native American governments. In many cases, there are intangible obstacles. Politics, personality conflicts, resistance to change, personal agendas, and a genuine lack of hope can defeat a process before it begins. Those obstacles can be overcome.

In my experience, consultants that try to convince a client that they have all the answers will fail. Every organization is unique and nobody knows their issues better than the people involved. There is no “one size fits all.” An effective facilitator must be a good listener who has the skills to extract the key issues and solutions from people at every level of the organization. An effective process develops real solutions from the same people you will be counting upon to implement and execute the plan.

Simply stated, stakeholders that develop the plan in a facilitated process are much more likely to support and execute the plan that they now own. That process is our strength and core competency.

The process takes time, planning, patience, trust, commitment, and small steps. There must also be a belief that positive change is possible. Tribal or other leaders must clearly communicate that belief and commitment. Our process provides that opportunity. The other services are offered as the result of knowledge, skills, and abilities developed over the past 35 years and through outstanding partnerships (See description in Services).