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About Native Strategies LLC

Mr. Keeley has over 35 years of combined experience providing services to city, state, federal, sovereign tribal governments and private industry. He retired as a Lieutenant at Scottsdale Police Department with leadership experience in detectives, street crimes, crisis negotiations, media relations, special operations, and emergency response planning and workplace security.

Mr. Keeley also served as a marketing consultant to Swedish and German owned US law enforcement technology corporations. He teaches strategic planning, vulnerability assessment, emergency response planning, security, and continuity of operations for Homeland Security through Texas A&M University.


Mr. Keeley is a facilitator and Adjunct Instructor for the Texas A&M Public Safety and Security Division (Texas Engineering Extension Service) and the founder of Native Strategies LLC. He has over 35 years combined experience in law enforcement, emergency management, training, and providing services as a consultant.

During his career, he served as a detective, crisis negotiator, street crimes supervisor, media relations supervisor, advocate to the AZ State Legislature, and Commander of Special Operations for Scottsdale Police Department.

Mr. Keeley was the driving force of the Workplace Security Task Force for the 2000 Scottsdale employees for five years; developing policy, training, emergency response plans, a threat assessment team, and workplace modifications to mitigate the potential for violence. Additional responsibilities included working closely with Human Resources to discreetly investigate internal and external threats, stalking, and management of high-risk terminations.

Shortly after the attacks of 9/11, Mr. Keeley assisted the Department of Homeland Security as a contractor, through Texas A&M, to train emergency response officials around the country and US Territories. The training assisted in evaluation of threats and vulnerabilities in addition to the ability to prevent, detect, respond, and recover from attacks with weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Keeley then facilitated working groups in urban areas (UASIs) and state level working groups with the development of Homeland Security plans, Bi-annual Strategy Implementation, and the Transit Security Initiative. Mr. Keeley currently teaches a strategic planning process; Threat and Risk Assessment, Enhanced Threat and Risk, Critical Infrastructure Awareness, Vulnerability Assessment: Strategy, Design, and Mitigation.

The courses focus on evaluation of threats, vulnerabilities, risk and mitigation. The process supports risk mitigation through the grant process.

Native Strategies LLC provides services to corporate clients and sovereign Native American governments. Mr. Keeley has successfully facilitated multiple Tribal Council strategy sessions, retreats, membership meetings, and member task forces using tools that have proven their value from villages in Africa to Fortune 500 companies (i.e.; ICA, NGT).

He provides a process to clearly define the issues while developing solutions from those closest to the problem and the culture. Mr. Keeley also provides services in Tribal law enforcement, grants management, facilitation, workplace violence prevention, corporate security, threat mitigation, business continuity planning, and organizational effectiveness.

Mr. Keeley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies from Arizona State University with an emphasis in management and organizational effectiveness. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command (Class #93), was elected Class President, and received an Honorable Mention for the Franklin M. Kreml Leadership Award.  Mr. Keeley has also served on the Advisory Board of the Security Industry Association’s Corporate Security Roundtable and is a Past President of Scottsdale Leadership, Inc.

Mr. Keeley resides in San Diego, CA with his wife of 30 years and their daughter.